Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

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Welcome to our new site. The Pikes Peak Water Garden Society is a place where like minded Water Gardener's meet and share information about their hobby.

The Plant sale last year was great! Looking forward to this year's plant sale.

We have enjoyed being members of the PPWGS for many years. One of the things that we find most enjoyable is having the opportunity to see the members wonderful back yards and pond designs. We like talking to the other members about ideas that they have tried that have worked well or, not so well, in the Colorado Springs environment. We hope that more people will join the club so that we may share ideas on pond and gardening designs.

As we look forward to a new year in the PPWGS, we may not know how much we will be able to meet. Several activities are for sure. We will have the Spring workshop at the Union Printers Home, the Humane Society Workshop, as well as our annual plant sale. I would like to encourage you to help with any or all of these events to feel more connected with the Pond Club. I really enjoyed working with other members at the Union Printers Home. Not only do you get to spend several hours in the great out doors, but you can learn, hands on, how to repot water lilies, trim back plants, how and when to fertilize lilies. The bonus is spending time with people of like minds and feeling an accomplishment of a job well done. Many of the repotted lilies will be sold at the plant sale. Put those dates on your calendar and come and join other members for a rewarding morning of fun and camaraderie!

I first found PPWGS through Facebook when my daughter saw that they were going to have a plant sale in May of 2020. I have a granddaughter who has a koi pond and we went together and bought quite a few plants! We also signed up to be members at that event. We wanted to help so another daughter, Laurie, and my six year old grandson, Kane, went to the workshop at Union Printers Home in the Fall of 2020 and had so much fun! We also went to the Flying W Ranch for a work day in their pond and my daughter was in the mud and doing her best to plant some aquatic plants around the edge of the pond. She knew nothing about aquatic plants but she is an avid gardener and loves working with her hands deep in the soil of Mother Earth! LOL I am so happy that I found this organization. I am learning so much about plants, koi fish, and how to keep a pond healthy and clean! The other members are so willing to answer my questions and help me by sharing their experiences and knowledge to help me make my pond successful! Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful!

Dear PPWGS, it is with some sadness and some excitement that I must bid you goodbye. After many years I will no longer be involved with PPWGS as in just a few weeks we are moving to Texas. We will be close to family and the lower altitude will be better for both Jon and my health. It has been my pleasure to both serve and be served by the Club. Blessings and happy ponding 🐟 Mary Bucher

I learned of PPWGS through the purchase of my home and was a new to caring for a koi pond. I will be forever grateful for Bob and the PPWGS for the wealth of knowledge and the memories gained from my experience joining. My children learned valuable lessons participating in the workshops. PPWGS is a wonderful club to meet other pond hobbyists and have a great time.