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Welcome to the Pikes Peak Water Garden Society. Where Like-Minded Water Gardeners Meet to Learn and Share Information. Join our society to learn more!

Bob Oatman
President of Pikes Peak Water Garden Society

Pikes Peak Water Garden Society Test

PPWGS is a water garden club in Colorado Springs, Colorado. test

Membership Test

Membership is $10 for individuals and $15 for families per year, and grants access to club events and materials. Test


“Every year our highlight is the annual Pikes Peak Water Garden Pond Tour! PPWGS lets us showcase our passion!”

William Weaver

“PPWGS provides so many resources, training, events for any hobbyist entering the Water Garden and Pond world!”

Guillermo Rodriguez

“Welcome to our new site. The Pikes Peak Water Garden Society is a place where like minded Water Gardener’s meet and share information about their hobby.”

Bob Oatman

Are you ready to join The Pikes Peak Water Garden Society?