Union Printer Home Fall Workshop

Event Date Sat, Sep 21, 2024 9:00 AM - Sat, Sep 21, 2024 12:00 PM

Pikes Peak Water Garden Society Community Service Project

As a community service project the Pikes Peak Water Garden Society has a demonstration pond at the Union Printers Home.  The pond is located at 101 South Union Blvd, in Colorado Springs.  This is on the south east corner of Union Blvd and Pikes Peak across from Memorial Park.

This raised brick pond is 32 feet wide by 70 feet long and stands two feet above the sidewalk.  Inside is a three foot wide plant shelf.  The middle area is three feet deep to protect the many goldfish and hardy water lilies in the winter.  A center fountain provides aeration along with the splashing sound.  Several hundred goldfish of all sizes provide a glimpse of color along with movement in the water.  You can see the water lilies surrounding the waters edges through out the growing season.

This workshop will be held in the morning from 9:00 AM until the work is finished and all questions are answered around noon.

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Help us clean up this pond and trim back the plants for winter.